Aurora Borealis

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I’ve mentioned this before; but one thing that has always been on my bucket list is seeing the Aurora Borealis. This is something I’m going to make sure we do in Canada! However, it’s looking like it’s going to cost a fair bit, plus there’s specific times of the year when spotting them is more likely, so we’re going to have to plan it properly! If you don’t fancy a science/astronomy (?) lesson, then skip the next...

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Natalie’s ‘top 5 things to do in Vancouver’

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#1 – See Aurora Borealis Even though I grew up in the north of Scotland, I’ve never seen the northern lights, so it’s been on my bucket list for some time. I’ve always been fascinated by it, the colours are amazing and the whole thing looks, well, magical (how cheesy!) Anyway, it looks cool and what better place to see it than Canada? We’ve found that the best place to see them near Vancouver is in Yellowknife, where not only do...

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