More visitors!

Posted by on Sep 15, 2013 in Hiking, Trips, Vancouver | 5 comments

Two days after our last visitors left, our next ones arrived! Our best friends Tom and Sarah came to stay with us for just under two weeks and it was brilliant. They left yesterday and we are feeling quite sad,  but we’ve had an amazing time with them! We sat at the airport excitedly watching the doors for them appearing when all of a sudden I noticed one of the Vancouver Canucks players who had just arrived on their flight! It was one of...

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Hiking Lake Garibaldi

Posted by on Jul 8, 2013 in Hiking, Things To Do, Trips | 10 comments

Yesterday we finally achieved something that we’ve wanted to do since deciding to move to Canada. We finally hiked to Lake Garibaldi! Our hiking plan originally was to start out with small hikes and then build the difficulty up to the 18 km round trip to Lake Garibaldi. But, after we did the 2,500ft hell that was Mount Gardner a few weeks back, we thought we’d just go for it. And we’re so glad we did! We hired a car from...

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Bucket lists and Billy Connolly

Posted by on Nov 23, 2012 in Getting There | 0 comments

As I write this post, we’ve just passed the ‘4 months to go’ mark, 115 days to be precise. Yay! It’s also our 1 year anniversary in a few days –  double yay! For some reason, as soon as I saw the countdown pass the 120 days mark, it started to feel a hell of a lot closer! Saving is going well, even with Xmas coming up, we both have been able to put away quite a bit, but we’ve spent most of the money in our heads already! There’s...

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Nick’s top 5 ‘things to look forward to’ in Vancouver

Posted by on Oct 18, 2012 in Things To Do, Vancouver | 11 comments

#1 – Going to see the Vancouver Canucks I’ve always had an interest in Ice Hockey, unfortunately the closest I’ve ever got to playing it was at school, and that was just normal hockey (the type that girls play). I have fond memories of playing NHL ’95 on my Mega Drive, not really understanding what was going on. More recently (well, 5 years ago roughly) I remember watching some of the Stanley Cup Playoff games in the early hours on...

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