The perils of job hunting in Vancouver

Posted by on Apr 25, 2013 in Settling In, Vancouver | 9 comments

Weeks before we left for Vancouver I had already started looking for work out here, I even applied for a few jobs from the UK. I naively thought that once we got here it would be quite easy to get a job. The reality is that it’s become the bane of my life at the moment. For someone who is here on a temporary workers visa it’s nigh on impossible to even get an interview for a job that you want. I think this is the longest I’ve...

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Seal you later

Posted by on Jan 17, 2013 in Getting There | 4 comments

Now it’s only 60 days to go until the big move, we are starting to think about those important things, rather than the fun things like snowboarding and eating Poutine off of a bears back. I’m talking jobs and future plans, people. I’m still going between wanting to get a ‘fun’ job where I have no responsibility or using my experience to get a better paid and more ‘serious’ job. To be honest I’ll be happy to take whatever (within...

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Experience Canada UK forums

Posted by on Nov 1, 2012 in General | 3 comments

The IEC application process is a relatively straightforward one, after you’ve done it! At the time it felt like we had hundreds of questions and we weren’t really sure who to speak to about it. Much of the information we needed we were able to find via Facebook groups, although finding these groups was a bit of a fluke, I believe it was via a post on the British Expat forums that led me there. The other source of useful information...

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Applying for the International Experience Canada programme

Posted by on Oct 18, 2012 in Getting There | 8 comments

Updated 19/02/2013 – The process for application to the IEC from 2013 has changed significantly to the one posted below, so please check the official IEC UK website. So you have decided you want to live and work in Canada, what now? Well, there are various options for gaining permanent residency which I won’t go into (because I don’t understand them) which are often lengthy and only suitable for certain people. If you’re not lucky...

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Our magical mystery Canadian adventure…

Posted by on Oct 17, 2012 in Getting There | 0 comments

We are Nick and Natalie, an English guy and a Scottish girl, and we met in October 2011. We have decided to take a huge leap and move from the UK to Canada! We both wanted to shake our lives up and experience a completely different country, and hopefully have some stories to tell the grand-kids one day! Don’t get us wrong, we love where we live now, but we know there’s a big world out there 🙂 We are both pretty impulsive people...

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