43 days to go!

Posted by on Feb 3, 2014 in General, Sport, Vancouver | 2 comments

I was going to call this post ‘6 weeks to go’, but I thought I’d work out how many days it actually was until we moved back to the UK. As I’m crap with maths, I just Googled ‘how many days until 18th March 2014’, and I was pretty shocked to see that it’s only 43 days! I can’t believe we’ve been here nearly a year, and I also can’t believe that in a little over 6 weeks, we’ll be...

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A taste of home…

Posted by on Apr 6, 2013 in General, Settling In, Vancouver | 0 comments

It’s only just over two weeks since we got to Canada and we are already missing home. We’ve spent the past year talking about moving here and as soon as we get here we miss home! So much so that we’ve done everything we can over the past few days to make ourselves feel as though we are back in the UK. Weirdos I know! The other day we finally had the internet turned on in our flat, it’s taken a while because of the Easter...

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Our first hockey game

Posted by on Mar 27, 2013 in General, Settling In, Things To Do | 2 comments

Yesterday we were up early as we both had job related things to do. Nick went in to sign the contract for his new job (woohoo!) and I went in to sign up for a temp agency. I thought it would be a case of popping in with my ‘resume’ and finding out if there were any jobs available. I was wrong! I was in there for over an hour and was grilled by three different people. They seem lovely though, and hopefully they can find me some...

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Horsing around in Stanley Park

Posted by on Mar 23, 2013 in General, Settling In, Vancouver | 1 comment

Having had such a productive day on Wednesday we thought we’d take it fairly easy on Thursday, unfortunately ‘taking it easy’ meant walking for bloody miles! I’m not a huge fan of walking, but we did see some very cool stuff. We headed into downtown and looked for an internet cafe so we could scan some documents we needed to send to our soon-to-be landlord. We found somewhere on Robson Street near Stanley Park and...

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Our first full day in Vancouver

Posted by on Mar 21, 2013 in Settling In, Things To Do, Vancouver | 15 comments

We both woke up at about 6am on our first full day, after both falling asleep the moment our heads hit the pillows the night before. Fortunately the massive king size bed was very comfortable and we both felt much better having had a good nights sleep. We spent a bit of time planning out our day and eventually headed out at around 9am. Although it probably wasn’t the quickest way into downtown we ended up just going the same (wrong) way...

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