A sloth, two otters and a visit to the doctor

Posted by on Apr 3, 2013 in General, Settling In, Things To Do, Vancouver | 4 comments

As we haven’t done anything ‘touristy’ for a while we decided to go to the aquarium, in the hope that it would cheer both of us up for a bit! The aquarium is in Stanley Park, which is a 10 minute bus ride from our apartment. As I’ve mentioned before, I would love to work in the aquarium and have been trying so hard to get a job there, so I was very excited about this trip. We paid $25 each to get in, which surprisingly...

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Seal you later

Posted by on Jan 17, 2013 in Getting There | 4 comments

Now it’s only 60 days to go until the big move, we are starting to think about those important things, rather than the fun things like snowboarding and eating Poutine off of a bears back. I’m talking jobs and future plans, people. I’m still going between wanting to get a ‘fun’ job where I have no responsibility or using my experience to get a better paid and more ‘serious’ job. To be honest I’ll be happy to take whatever (within...

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