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(Be warned this is a long post!) The last few weeks The last few weeks went by in a total blur. We were up in Scotland saying goodbye to my family and friends, we had our leaving drinks with our friends in Tunbridge Wells, we had a lovely meal out with my brother, Mark, we met up with Nick’s brother, we had a day with Nick’s mum and sisters, and finally we had a lovely meal out with our friends Tom and Sarah. They gave us  the most...

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Today’s to-do list

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Today marks exactly one month until we leave. In fact as I write this it is exactly one month until we will be sitting on the plane wondering what on earth we’ve done. I jest of course. It feels very real now though. We have so much to sort out, but typically we are putting it off! We both finish work next Friday, so I assume we’ll get our fingers out then! I said to someone the other day, you wouldn’t think we are leaving the country in a...

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As I write this, it’s only 39 days to go until we move. 39 days! It’s unbelievable how quickly the days are flying past us. We’ve been on a bit of an emotional roller coaster recently with regards to Canada, one minute excited, the next one scared/nervous/emotional. At the moment we’re feeling a little nonplussed about it. This confuses us really as we thought at this point we’d be at the excited stage! One word that can sum up how...

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“We move to Vancouver next month…”

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We keep banging on about how certain things are making our move to Vancouver finally feel like a reality. It started when we received our letter of introduction (the document which allows us to be granted our visa) back in May/June last year, then came booking our flights, and even starting this blog and our Experience Canada forums to a degree. Well, today certainly tops all of those, as it’s finally 1st February which means, yes,...

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Seal you later

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Now it’s only 60 days to go until the big move, we are starting to think about those important things, rather than the fun things like snowboarding and eating Poutine off of a bears back. I’m talking jobs and future plans, people. I’m still going between wanting to get a ‘fun’ job where I have no responsibility or using my experience to get a better paid and more ‘serious’ job. To be honest I’ll be happy to take whatever (within...

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Happy New Year!

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Well we are now into the New Year, and finally it’s the year in which we move to Canada! We’ve had a busy festive period, ended nicely with me having the Norovirus for about a week which pretty much ruined my New Years Eve! We went to Reggae Roast in London and how I managed to stay there from 9pm-5am whilst vomiting every 30 minutes I’ll never know! We also had a surprise birthday party for our friend Tom, which I missed (thanks...

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