We are Nick and Natalie, an English guy and a Scottish girl, and we met in October 2011. We decided to make a huge leap and move from the UK to Canada on the International Experience Canada programme.

We both wanted to shake our lives up and experience a completely different country, and hopefully have some stories to tell the grand-kids one day! Don’t get us wrong, we love where we live now, but we know there’s a big world out there.

Once the decision was made we set about researching everything we could about Canada; what city we would live in and how we could move there. We quickly decided on moving to Vancouver, for no real reason other than it looks amazing! After much discussion about when to move we finally booked our flights and the date was set for the 19th of March 2013!

…fast forward a year and a bit and we are now back in the UK after an amazing year in Vancouver. Take us back!


Sup? I’m Nick, born and bred in East Sussex, although I’ve spent most of my days living and working in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Before moving to Canada I spent nearly 6 years working as an Account Manager for a very awesome digital agency called Lightmaker. I also ran my own photography business for around 3 years, mostly doing weddings. My claims to fame include an appearance as a child on Kilroy, another appearance as a child on ITN News, and more recently I embarrassed myself in magnificent fashion on ITV’s Dinner Date (before I met Natalie of course).


Likes: Beer, photography, football, Pink Floyd, Reggae, D&B and dubstep, pizza, cars, comedies, computers (geek), gaming, people falling over, cats, and the Vancouver Canucks!

Dislikes: txt spk, eating fish (unless they are fish fingers), Nicki Minaj, every presenter on T4 ever.



Hello I’m Natalie. I was born near Glasgow but have lived all over Scotland – Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Fife, as well as two stints living in London. I studied acting at college and I was cabin crew for 4 years before giving it up for a much more stable and happier life! I met Nick at just the right time in my life and have never been happier. He’s the male version of me!


Likes: Chocolate, Drinking , Pink Floyd, Reggae, Fail videos, Cats, Irn Bru, Haggis and Square Sausages (yeah, living up to the stereotype) and CANADA

Dislikes: Spiders, butterflies (yes), mushrooms, fish, and I intensely loathe The Hoosiers, The Feeling and M People!