A few weeks ago we crossed off one major life event…we got married! Those of you who have followed our blog may remember when Nick proposed to me at the top of Grouse Mountain in 2014. This has been a long time coming! The day was amazing and one we will never forget :). Us being us, the horse head mask had to make an appearance! I’ll let the pictures do the talking!




For our honeymoon we went to Thailand which is somewhere we have always wanted to go, but with the excitement of the wedding the holiday excitement didn’t sink in until the night before!

We flew with Thai Air on one of their brand new A380’s, which is just bloody massive! We were going to casually drop it in at check in that we were on honeymoon in the hope that we would get upgraded but we bottled it 🙁


The first of many!

The first of many!

The flight to Bangkok took about 11 hours 30 minutes which wasn’t too bad, plus the food and the service was brilliant. We were bloody knackered when we arrived and shocked to find that it was about 32 degrees outside at 7am!!

Once we checked in to our hotel in central Bangkok – Sacha’s Hotel Uno – we had a couple of hours’ sleep then forced ourselves to get up and go out for a wander. Bangkok is mental! There’s just stuff going on everywhere and so many people! It was also so weird for us to see so many 7/11’s there – the last time we saw them was in Vancouver! We walked around for a bit and explored the massive Grand Central shopping centre which is themed like an airport, which each floor being a different city. We stopped for some lunch in a place in the shopping centre and had our first Chicken Green Curry of the trip! It was amazing!




We went out that night to a restaurant hilariously called Cabbages & Condoms, recommended by my brother, Mark. The places is massive and has all these random decorations made out of condoms, it’s hilarious! Despite the weird theme, the food was bloody incredible, maybe the best we had the whole trip.





After that, we went looking for another one of my brother Mark’s recommendations, a bar called Penalty Spot. But on the way there Nick managed to burst the top of his big toe off of a step and had blood gushing everywhere! We quickly found the nearest 7/11 and went back to the hotel to bandage it up! That put an end to that night!

The next day we had an early start as we were getting on a plane again, this time to Krabi, which is just over an hour’s plane journey south of Bangkok. I’d pre-booked all of our taxis from this point with Krabi Shuttle, who were brilliant, and didn’t let us down once.

We stayed at Beyond Resort Krabi, which is on Klong Muang beach. We knew we’d picked a good hotel when we walked in to the lobby! The view from it was breathtaking.


We stayed two nights in this hotel and didn’t do a whole lot apart from drink, eat and think of nothing! After the wedding stress it was quite nice!


One restaurant/bar we really liked there was Sabai Ba Bar, which is right on the beach about a 10 minutes walk from our hotel. The food was incredible, and they had these really cool little seating areas looking right out over the beach.




We thought we’d have a nice little night-time stroll along the beach to it one night and took the torch from our room. We quickly discovered that once darkness falls, crabs of all shapes and sizes come out to play and scuttle along the beach right in front of you, constantly! We must have looked hilarious to the locals, us running, screaming and jumping our way along the beach away from them! It was scary!

One night after visiting Sabai Ba Bar, we were walking back to the hotel and heard music coming from a bar up an alleyway, we walked towards it then spotted ‘Lazy Bar’ and 4 or 5 people sitting there. As we approached it they all jumped up and ran around putting cushions and blankets out for us and making a a big fuss. At first we were thinking ‘what the hell have we just walked in to?’ Especially when two of the guys sat opposite us cross legged and looked at us expectantly, but it was amazing! The two guys sitting opposite us turned out to be two French twins who had been travelling the world for the past 3 years playing their own reggae songs. They played us some songs, including our first dance song – Bob Marley’s ‘Is This Love’ – which was amazing! It was a really random, funny night. One we’re not likely to forget!

After 2 days in Krabi, we got a taxi 2.5 hours down to Koh Lanta, a lovely little island recommended by my brother. 2.5 hours in a taxi sounds like a lot, but there was so much to look at out of the window that it flew by! As soon as we arrived in Koh Lanta, we felt at home and knew we would love it!

Our hotel this time was called Rawi Warin Resort & Spa, which is situated between Klong Khong and Klong Nin beach, towards the south part of the island. The hotel is built into a very steep hill, so to get a good view, you need to request a high up room, which we did. The climb was tough (152 steps to our room!) but you can request one of the golf buggies to pick you up at any time and take you anywhere in the resort.


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It being low season at the moment, it was very quiet. Not only in the hotel but around the island as well. It was quite nice for us as we could relax more, but we would love to come back in high season when it’s a bit busier and more lively. Some bars we wanted to go to were closed due to low season, and some restaurants we visited had no customers apart from us which wasn’t a massive problem but it made the atmosphere a bit weird!

We rented a scooter a couple of days from the hotel, which was only £5 for 24 hours. We drove (well, Nick drove) pretty much round the whole island and saw so many things and places that we otherwise wouldn’t have seen. Like an elephant just at the side of the road, the national park, monkeys, and children riding scooters on their own! It was one of our favourite things we did there as we felt so independent, and now we’re home we want a scooter!


Our most favourite thing that we did there however, was scuba diving for the first time! Nick did a lot of research into it beforehand and got in touch with Ady from Flip Flop Divers in Koh Lanta who informed us that we could dive on the Sunday. We were to do the Discover Scuba Diving course, which is an introduction to Scuba Diving but it can count towards getting your PADI certification.

Any fears we had about it all were quickly changed once we met Ady, who talked through everything that was going to happen on the day and got us excited, rather than nervous about it all!

On the day of the dive we all got on a boat with other groups who were doing the same course and headed out to an island near Koh Phi Phi. Our instructor for the day was a British lady called Janine, who works and lives on Koh Lanta 9 months of the year, what a life! She was brilliant and really put us at ease. It was a lot to think about at first and I’m not going to lie, I did freak out a bit, but she calmed me right down and made it an amazing experience!

The thing we struggled with at first was equalising the pressure in our ears, it was so bloody painful! Once we got used to that, however, it was easy! The feeling of being down there amongst all the life down there is something that I will find hard to beat. I felt like a kid swimming down there! We even saw two leopard sharks which apparently is pretty rare as there’s only about 150 of them in the area.








We were gutted when it was over but were so excited and happy that we’d managed to do it and started planning our next diving trip! We’re definitely going to do it again and get our PADI certifications. We just don’t know where to do it yet!

One of the days we rented the scooter, we drove up to Lanta Animal Welfare, an animal shelter and vet. It has been running for around 12 years, and is dedicated to helping stray cats and dogs on the island. We were in our element with all the cats running around! We went on a tour of the centre with an Australian girl who volunteers there, and it was a real eye opener to just how many animals get mistreated and left behind by people. There was also a little pen with puppies in it that we got to hold 🙂







If you are ever in Koh Lanta, I highly recommend a visit here. The work these people do for the animals in unbelievable. Plus you get to walk the dogs in the afternoon! 🙂

The rest of our time on Koh Lanta was spent drinking, eating, and basically forgetting all the stress we’d been under before leaving. When it came to the day we were leaving the island, I was devastated!






We spent one final night in Krabi before flying home, but this time we were in Ao Nang, a slightly livelier area of Krabi than the one we were in before. We stayed at Vogue Resort & Spa. The location of this hotel was brilliant, but the hotel itself was a bit run down. We were only there for one night though so it wasn’t a big deal. It rained pretty much the whole day, so there wasn’t much else to do other than drink!



That night we went to a bar I’d read about before  – Roots Rock Reggae Bar. We were quite surprised to see how busy it was, going by our experiences in other places on the holiday, it was good to be somewhere lively again! The bar was awesome, drinks were cheap and they had a band playing, who also played us our first dance song!


The rest of the night is completely lost to us, but we know this:

  1. We spent all of our money
  2. Nick fell over somewhere and cut his knee and hands
  3. We laughed a lot and possibly offended quite a few people




The next day I had quite possibly the worst hangover I’ve ever had, and it was the day we were travelling back home! I was pretty annoyed at myself for ruining the last day in Thailand, but it was raining anyway, plus we did have a good time! We checked out of our hotel, wandered about, then got picked up in the afternoon to go back to Krabi Airport to start the long journey home! We flew back to Bangkook, then had a 5 hour wait before our flight back to London.

And before we knew it, we were home! It’s a bit of a downer coming back home after the excitement of the wedding and honeymoon to be honest, but we will just need to start planning more trips away to give ourselves something to look forward to 🙂

Thailand was incredible, I loved everything about it. The people are lovely, the food incredible, and the weather was actually pretty good considering it was monsoon season! We only had about 3 days of rain, which is pretty lucky I think!

Here’s some more pictures from the honeymoon 🙂