Ironically we found that written near our apartment in Vancouver about a week before we moved back!

It’s now been almost 6 months since we moved back from Canada and we still talk about it pretty much daily! I thought it would get easier the longer we are away from it, but its the opposite! šŸ™ I’ll touch on that again a bit later, don’t want to start this off on too much of a negative!


Last week we did one of the things we were looking forward to moving back for, we went to Shambala Festival with some of our friends. We bought the tickets for this whilst we were still living in Canada last year, so it’s been a long time coming! Shambala is a small-ish (10,000 people), random and quirky festival up in Northamptonshire and we loved it! The festival encourages dressing up, in fact there weren’t many people normally dressed! We got there on a Thursday, and what followed was 4 days of total madness and fun, and for while we completely forgot about our outside lives. Friday was Cross-Dressing Day, which the boys got well in to! And Saturday everyone had to dress up as something ‘Sea’ related. Some of the costumes were so inventive, I was seriously impressed! It took us a good few days to get over the madness of it, and we’re now totally back to normal.

A Jellyfish, Captain Birdseye, A Stingray, A Rainbow Fish, A Fisherman and a Whale!

A Jellyfish, Captain Birdseye, A Stingray, A Rainbow Fish, A Fisherman and a Whale!


Nick as a lady, haha

Nick as a lady, haha


Our kittens are doing well, although they are still waking us up at silly-o-clock every day. The current tactic is for them to stand on my face at 5am to get me to get up and feed them. They’re coming up for 5 months now, and are getting bigger by the day. We can’t believe the change in them!




We’re very aware that we haven’t really done much since moving back (apart from Shambala), and we’re really missing seeing ‘stuff’, so we’ve booked a little trip away to Amsterdam in October. I can’t wait, I’ve always wanted to visit there, and it’ll be good for us to get away from the UK for a bit.

Bring it on!

Bring it on!

It’s now almost exactly 1 year until our wedding day, so plans for that can now start! I’m a little scared of it being a year to go, there’s so much to plan! Luckily my Mum is coming down in October, when we’ll beĀ planning things and trying on wedding dresses (eek!) Also trying to decide where to go for our honeymoon. I’d quite like to go to New Zealand, but probably only because it looks likeĀ Canada so much!

Look familiar?!

Look familiar?!

So, on to how we feel about Canada. To be completely honest, we’re regretting moving back. Really. I don’t know if this is a ‘grass is always greener’ thing like I mentioned in my last post, or we really have made a mistake. But the feeling is with us whenever we talk about it, see a picture of it, have a crap day, whatever. I can’t even watch our old videos or read our old blog posts because it upsets me too much. I feel teary wheneverĀ IĀ think about what we had there and if we could move back there we would, right now. I’m not saying it isn’t great being back with all of our friends and family, it is. That’s really the only reason we moved back here. But we had it so good there. We had access to so many amazing things, free spectacular scenery right on our doorstep, and we really did so much there. Now we have no views of anything, and most of my week is spent sitting on a cramped train looking out at views that just don’t compare to anything we saw in Canada.

We've gone from this...

We’ve gone from this… this

…to this

I wish we had stuck it out for another year, or stayed there permanently. If we’d just come home for a visit, who knows, that could have stopped the homesickness thing. We both know it’s pointless having these conversations with each other, there’s absolutely nothing that we can do about it. We are the only ones we know who will understand our feelings about it. We have the wedding now, and two little kittens to look after, plus I’ll be too old soon (waaaa) to do another IEC visa.

So if you are in Canada and are thinking about coming home. DON’T DO IT!

Maybe we’ll move back one day when we’re old and have made our millions.


Until next time…