Since our last blog post (I know, it was ages ago!), quite a lot has happened! We’ve been holding off on the blog post for a while as we’ve been deciding what to do in regards to staying in Vancouver longer or coming home in March. But I’ll come to that later!

The lead up to Christmas here was quite exciting, albeit a little weird for us not being around familiarity (my god I missed Boots 3 for 2 on gifts this year!!) The city felt very Christmassy, and people really got into the ‘Holiday’ spirit. A week before the big day, the city got a random burst of snowfall, and it looked amazing!

Taken only a couple of months apart!

Taken only a couple of months apart!

The good thing about us being over here for Christmas was that we had to be ridiculously organised and buy our presents really early which was a huge weight off my mind! It did cost an absolute fortune for us and our relatives in postage though!! I think I spent about $170 on postage alone!

We both had our work’s Christmas parties a couple of weeks before Christmas. Nick’s was at a really nice Lebanese restaurant in Kitsilano, and my one was at the Fairmont Pacific Rim in Coal Harbour. At the end of my one they had a prize draw where they gave away $3000 in holiday vouchers, and iPads, TVs, cash, gift vouchers etc. It was obscene! Obviously I didn’t win anything but we both had a really good night. They also had a photo shoot thing set up where you could go up all night and get your pics taken. Check out Nick’s pose!

We got some shocked gasps, haha!

We got some shocked gasps, haha!

On Christmas morning I got up pretty early so I could Skype my mum and open my presents in front of her. It was so weird not being there with her but I’m so grateful for Skype! Nick and I then opened the rest of our presents (Thank you to you all!), and cracked open our first bottle at 9:30am, haha!


photo 3 (1)


photo 4 (1)

Nick’s fancy new phone does this thing where it randomly makes a collage if you’ve taken loads of pictures/videos in one day and it made this rather hilarious/creepy video of our Christmas day. Check it out, it’s like something out of a horror movie!


Christmas dinner went without a hitch I’m pleased to say, and we had an amazingly chilled out and enjoyable day, rounded off with a walk up to Coal Harbour to look at the mountains!

In Gastown

In Gastown

photo 5 (1)


On Boxing Day we had tickets to Contact Festival (Nick’s anniversary present to me in November) and it was unbelievable! We were mainly there to see Skrillex but the other Dj’s were really good too. It was in BC Place which is the stadium right across the street from our flat, and although it took bloody ages to get in, once inside it was brilliant. Hazy memories but it was amazing.

photo 2 (3)

photo 3 (2)


BC place even made their outside lights look like an equaliser for the night which was cool.


Our apartment is to the right of BC place

For New Year we went to Yaletown Brewing Company, a place we’ve frequented once or twice since arriving here! We do like it there, the drink is relatively cheap and they play classic rock pretty much all night. We took all of our visitors there, so that should tell you something about how much we like it! We ended up randomly starting to chat to these two brothers, and then two girls and ended up hanging out with them all night and then all going back to the brothers’s apartment. It was such a good night!

Who are these people

Who are these people?

And just like that, Christmas is well and truly over for another year. Christmas away from home is weird, but we’re so lucky to have Skype, emails, Facebook etc. It was actually quite nice for Nick and I to have our own Christmas together too 🙂

So now I’ll get on to the serious subject: coming home or staying! We’ve discussed this at length for quite some time now, and we both see the pros and cons of staying in Vancouver and coming home. It’s such a difficult decision, everyone we want to be around is back in the UK, but the city we want to live in is here. So since we can’t force all of our family and friends to move out here, we’re going to move back to the UK when our visa runs out in March. We’re so so sad about leaving this amazing city, and we feel like we haven’t even touched the surface of what there is to see and do here. But we’ve both agreed that we’d say that no matter when we left. It’s been such an unforgettable experience and we’re so lucky to have been able to do it. This city really is amazing, but it will never have that ‘home’ thing that we get from being around friends and family back in the UK. We’re both coming up to the stage in life where we want to start putting roots down, and we know that that’s going to be in the UK and not here. We’ve both told work of our plans, so the cat is well and truly out of the bag now. It’s a bit of a weird feeling, on the one hand we’re excited about coming home, but on the other hand we’re dreading the feeling of having to leave here!

So we’re going to concentrate now on making the most of the last three months we have here, and making sure we go away somewhere before we fly home. We want to go to Calgary, Banff, Tofino, San Francisco, LA, Portland and San Diego before we leave. Obviously we can’t do it all but we’ll be doing at least one of these!

Anyway! Next weekend we FINALLY get to go snowboarding!!! Yay! Our lessons start next Saturday, and we are so bloody excited about it! I’m expecting to spend the first lesson falling over on my arse, but if kids can learn then I must be able to, right?? Watch this space!

Here’s some more random pictures from the past few months.

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