Two days after our last visitors left, our next ones arrived! Our best friends Tom and Sarah came to stay with us for just under two weeks and it was brilliant. They left yesterday and we are feeling quite sad,  but we’ve had an amazing time with them!

We sat at the airport excitedly watching the doors for them appearing when all of a sudden I noticed one of the Vancouver Canucks players who had just arrived on their flight! It was one of the Sedin twins, we’re not sure which one! The Sedin twins are a pretty big deal here, so it was pretty exciting! As soon as Tom and Sarah arrived, it was like we’d never been apart, and we were so happy that we had almost 2 weeks together to look forward to.

We had the next day off work, so we took them on a little walking tour round Downtown, and ended up on Granville Island where we had a few drinks then came home. We had to work the next few days so they did their own thing and saw some stuff Downtown and also went to Grouse Mountain and Capilano Suspension Bridge. On Friday after work we had a bit of a messy night, as it was our first proper night out together in 6 months, so Saturday was a write off. Still, it was nice to sit in and just be with our friends. It felt like we were back at home again.

On Sunday we went camping to 20 Mile Bay on Harrison Lake, which Nick and I have been to before. As it was a Sunday, we were pretty much the only people there which was pretty cool but quite scary when it got dark! We set up our own little camp area on the beach, complete with table, chairs (logs), dartboard, fire and nessie lookalike!

Our set up!

Our set up!

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We had a few hilarious mishaps that day, Sarah nearly drank a wasp, then a can of drink exploded in her face, which attracted more wasps, our drink nearly floated away in the lake, Nick got water and beer in the inflatable boat, which I sat on, two sausages ended up in the fire, I thought I saw a mouse in the tent, and Nick heard creepy footsteps round our tent in the middle of the night. However, it was such a good trip, we had so much fun, in fact I’m laughing as I remember it all.

Us at the campsite

Us at the campsite

Good job there was no-one else around really!

Good job there was no-one else around really!

So classy with our McDonalds cups! It was to keep the wasps out!

So classy with our McDonalds cups! It was to keep the wasps out!

I think this was the exact moment we lost a good sausage to the fire.

I think this was the exact moment we lost a good sausage to the fire.


On Tuesday we went hiking to Garibaldi Lake, which we’ve hiked to before, but wanted to take Tom and Sarah there as we wanted them to see ‘proper’ Canada. It was as tough as it was the first time, probably worse going down, but it was all worth it to be able to take them there.


Nick, Sarah and Tom chilling at the lake

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The next day we went to the Museum of Anthropology, which we’ve wanted to visit for some time. It wasn’t really what I expected, it was more a collection of First Nation’s art and sculptures than the history of the First Nation’s people but it was still good nonetheless. We especially liked the room that had hundreds of tribal masks, weapons and musical instruments.


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Thursday was their last night here, and we went to see Easy Star All Stars, a reggae cover band. We all went to see them together last year but our memories of it are a little hazy! I’m glad to say that I remember the whole gig this time, it was bloody amazing! We then sat up for a few hours in the flat, chatting and painting each others faces, just like old times!

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Saying goodbye to them yesterday was so sad, it felt like the 2 weeks they were here just flew by. We miss them so much already and it feels very weird not having them around. It makes me pretty sad to think about it 🙁

After nearly 4 weeks of having people around, it suddenly feels very empty in the flat which is making my homesickness even worse but we have to push on and look forward to the next few months of hockey and snowboarding!

Here are some more pictures!

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