Yesterday it was exactly four weeks since we arrived in Vancouver. I keep having to check my calendar to make sure that’s right, it feels a lot longer! I can’t believe it’s only four weeks since we got up at 3am at Nick’s mums house, packed up and said goodbye and sat on the plane for ten hours, wondering what on earth we’d done. Missing home is not getting any easier, I miss it more and more each day if anything. However, I’m aware we’ve been moaning a fair bit recently about various things about Vancouver, so I thought I’d do a ‘Positive things about Vancouver’ post! Just in case some of you are thinking “Vancouver sounds s**t!” (it’s not).

The People

It’s no myth. Canadians are nice people. I honestly can’t think of anyone we’ve met so far that hasn’t been friendly, helpful and welcoming to us. Example: someone asked me for directions the other day and I can barely find my way home never mind give directions so I said sorry but I have just moved here so couldn’t help. Instead of just walking off he said “Ah, that’s cool. Welcome to Vancouver!!” This happens all the time. People are genuinely friendly and open to meeting new people here also. There’s obviously a few pretentious people and I’m not saying everyone we meet is going to bowl us over but, on the whole, they really are lovely people.


Canadians are polite!


An example of Canadian graffiti

An example of Canadian graffiti

The city vibe

The city itself is pretty cool. Yes it rains a lot. But when the sun comes out it is a completely different city. People are so laid back and chilled out that it’s like the city was meant to be permanently sunny. If there was one word to describe Vancouver it would be ‘Chill’. There was even a campaign recently to rename a park ‘Dude Chilling Park’. Haha. It’s hard to explain unless you are here to see it for yourself but everything is just so easy in this city. Everything you need is close by, shops are open late, even coffee shops are open late, and there are so many different restaurants, bars and pubs for you to try out. Even the traffic doesn’t seem to be a problem here. The lights always seem to change just as we approach pedestrian crossings, so we never have to stop, haha. The outdoor activities on offer here are phenomenal also. Where else could you go mountain biking, snowboarding, golfing, ice skating and sunbathing all in one day in a city?! It’s a very healthy city, there’s always people out running, biking, blading, whatever. Nick and I are yet to catch this exercise bug of course, but we’ll get it soon!

These have been our downfall!

These have been our downfall!


We’ve only been to a few bars so far, but one thing that has struck us about Vancouver is how different each bar is. Yes, we miss a good old British pub, and I’d love to find one here. But the bars here are so well thought out and individual. No one bar is the same. There’s a bar here that has a barber shop in the front and a cocktail room through the back called Killjoy Barbers which I’m dying to visit. Guilt is a cool bar in Gastown that has live music every night and lets you play Jenga at your table. And then there’s The New Oxford  which is the ‘Official Chelsea Pub’ which Nick is obviously over the moon about! And as for food selection, there are so many different and wonderful cuisines to try all over the city. If only we could afford to go out for dinner every night!

A map showing all the bars and restaurants around us in Downtown Vancouver

A map showing all the bars and restaurants around us

The location

There are so many cool places around us within driving distance. The US border is only a couple of hours away and we can get cheap flights further afield to places like Mexico, San Francisco, Las Vegas etc. And I don’t think I need to mention the fact that wherever we are in Vancouver, we can see mountains!

We'll definitely take advantage of this!

We’ll definitely take advantage of this!

So there you have it. Just a few reasons why Vancouver is a really cool city. There is so much that I miss about home that I’ll talk about another time, but for now I’ll just concentrate on the good things! We’re hoping that people will come out to visit us (hint hint) and we can show off the city that we and so many others have fallen in love with 🙂