Since I last wrote, things have been getting better, then getting worse, but now we’re on the up again. Our landlord came round and fixed our shower, so it no longer feels like a dolphin is spitting on us! The cooker which makes a noise like it could explode at any minute is in the pipeline to get fixed also. But as those problems go, another one comes. When we moved in we noticed that a crane had turned up at Rogers Arena, this wasn’t here when we viewed the apartment. We were thinking that it was probably minor extension work to Rogers Arena. Well after doing a bit of digging I found out that it is in fact a new 25 floor apartment building (1 of 3) which will completely block out our view of the water! Not only will we have the noise of a building site for the next year but the view will slowly disappear! After all the problems we’ve had with the flat the view was its one redeeming feature. We were obviously furious, as the flat was marketed as ‘having a water view’ and the landlord neglected to tell us what was going on. It sounds like we are being pedantic but this flat is at the top end of our budget and we only went to the top end because the view was so nice. Plus with all the other problems this was the icing on the cake. After holding it together for the past while I just lost it. We were adamant that we were going to have it out with our landlord and demand that we move out but after sleeping on it we decided to just let it go. What’s the point? We’ve signed a year lease so all it would do is make relations between us and him pretty bad.

This is the view that will slowly get ruined

This is the view that will slowly get ruined

Nick still has a throat infection, he’s almost finished his antibiotics though so hopefully he’ll be better soon. We keep joking that he’s allergic to Canada, he’s been ill ever since we arrived! He was feeling a little better this morning so hopefully that’s a good sign!

I had a call the other day inviting me to a job interview for a reception job in a veterinary surgery which I was ridiculously excited about. I got a weird vibe off the guy on the phone but just ignored it. Big mistake! I went along to the interview on Tuesday and walked in to this quiet reception area, no people, pets, music, anything. Just this man behind the counter who took great pleasure in telling me he was the ‘Brian’ who I spoke to on the phone. He then thrust a test in my hands and told me to sit down and fill it out. I was filled with horror as soon as I looked at the test. The first question was something like ‘Convert the following into decimal or fractional points’, and then had things like ’64/7, 33/5, .10, .33′ I didn’t even understand the question. The reset of the maths questions were similar, like ‘what is 46.5% of 3456.33?’ The advert said ‘You don’t need to be good at calculus, but a good basic understanding is all we need’. Erm, that’s not basic maths!! Anyway I did it the best I could and he marked it. He then sat next to me and his opening line was “Well, maths obviously isn’t your strong point is it?? We need people to be good at maths here”, To which I felt like saying “Well shall I just go?!!”  He then proceeded to do a combination of the following:

  1.  Stare into my soul as if he was trying to make up his mind about me
  2.  Insult me by continually commenting on the fact I used to be cabin crew. In a way that was saying ‘You’re a stupid bimbo trolley dolly who has never done a hard days work in your life’.  I’m not exaggerating. The story I told him about the time I dealt with an engine fire on board a plane when I was the only cabin crew on board made no difference. Also commented on the fact I’d never had to learn anything. What does he think cabin crew do???? Turn up, look pretty and sit doing nothing? And anyway, I’m 28, being cabin crew is only 4 years of my employment history! I have done other things!
  3.  Call me stupid, e.g “This job is tough, even smart people with degrees struggle”
  4.  Bang on about how much blood and s**t they have to clean up there, as if that would put me off. Apparently the fact I have  actually cleaned up human p*ss, s**t and sick on an aircraft, being up since 3am, with 2 hours sleep means nothing.
  5.  Comment on the fact I had a working holiday visa, which wasn’t good enough for him.
  6.  Come out with ridiculous statements such as “I can think of 18 different ways an animal can discharge fluid”. Alright, saddo!

I just had no idea why he was bothering to even interview me if he thought I wasn’t up to the job.

Anyway, we got to the end of the interview and, amazingly he said I’d progressed to the working interview stage. So I thanked him, came home and cried. Spoke to Nick and decided to email the guy. With help from Nick I wrote an email telling the guy to stick it. It’s a bit over the top but I thought it was pretty funny, plus I cc’d the main reception email at the vets, so everyone would see it, haha!

Hi Brian
I had an interview with you this morning and I progressed to the working interview stage for Thursday.
I have decided to withdraw my application. It is not because I don’t feel up to the job, because I know that I am more than capable. I left the interview this morning feeling insulted and upset by the way I was treated by you, which suggested that you felt like my qualifications were not good enough for the role. I feel like my past experience has been undermined and that you feel I am ‘stupid’ in some way.
Being a Flight Attendant is a very small part of my employment history, but I am very proud of it. It is not an easy job in any way and I have had to deal with some extremely stressful situations that your average joe could not handle.  I spent weeks undergoing training for any situation imaginable, from terrorist attacks to medical emergencies. During training I crawled on my hands and knees through planes engulfed with smoke and flames to drag people to safety and I’ve dealt with physically violent individuals twice my size at 30,000 feet, so yes, to answer your question earlier – of course I can deal with blood from an animal.
You acted like I had no appreciation for the difficulties that come with role I was applying for, yet you were clearly showing no appreciation for the roles I have had in the past.
I know what you were trying to do in the interview. You were trying to test me to see how much pressure I can handle, and you wanted me to crack. I can handle pressure, I am the strongest person I know. However, what I cannot handle is being treated like that in an interview. I have interviewed staff myself and would never use the tactics you used today. An interview in my mind is not only a chance for the employer to see what the candidate has to offer, but for the employer to ‘sell’ the company or organization to the candidate. You did not do this today.
I hope you find someone that is suitable for the role and someone that is able to tolerate being treated like an inferior person by yourself.
Hahaha!  I felt so much better once I’d sent that. I had another interview yesterday which went really well, I don’t want  to jinx it though so will just wait and see!
In other news we booked tickets last night to see The Gipsy Kings in July which will be amazing!  Nick has got me into them so I’m pretty excited about it. We did have tickets to see Skrillex, who we’ve seen twice already but he has just cancelled :(. We’ve got tickets to see Flux Pavilion next month though so that should be good! Plus there’s a jazz festival on at the end of June which will be amazing! A bit of a random gig combination!
Our music taste is pretty random

Our music taste is pretty random

I forgot to mention this last time but we were walking back from the grocery store the other day and saw a film set! I think it’s for a pilot for a TV programme. The set was made out to look like some city in America (I can’t remember which one), complete with American police car and newspaper stands. We stood for a while and watched it and were not disappointed. The scene involved a man getting shot which was entertaining! There are signs around the area there saying that by being in the area you consent to being on film. Watch this space, we could be on a TV near you!
It was all kicking off!

It was all kicking off!

My brother Mark got engaged to his lovely girlfriend Charlotte last Saturday, which is amazing news. I’m so happy for them! If we don’t come back after this year we’ll definitely be back for the wedding!!