It’s only just over two weeks since we got to Canada and we are already missing home. We’ve spent the past year talking about moving here and as soon as we get here we miss home! So much so that we’ve done everything we can over the past few days to make ourselves feel as though we are back in the UK. Weirdos I know!

The other day we finally had the internet turned on in our flat, it’s taken a while because of the Easter break. We managed to connect to BBC iPlayer, ITV player etc through a proxy server so we were able to watch British TV! What did we choose to watch? An episode of Billy Connolly’s Route 66 which we must have seen about 3 times now, but it made us feel at home for a while.

I finally found a shop in Vancouver that didn’t completely obliterate the contents of my purse, ‘Dollarama’ a.k.a Poundland, and got loads of stuff for the flat. Shame we didn’t discover this shop before we dropped $379 at Ikea but never mind! I’ve also discovered the joy that is Bath and Body Works, it’s like The Body Shop but so much better. Very confusing layout, I ended up spending a ridiculous amount of time in there getting distracted by all the nice smelling products, but I guess that’s their aim.

The Canucks had their first home game since we moved in to the flat. We managed to watch it on a stream on Nick’s laptop and connected it to the TV. It was brilliant watching it on TV knowing it was going on in the next building! Although there was such a delay on the stream that we heard the goal horn being sounded in Rogers Arena about 30 seconds before we heard it on TV!!

Hockey on TV, with Rogers Arena (the blue and green lights) right next to us!

Hockey on TV, with Rogers Arena (the blue lights) right next to us!


In devastating news, the Canucks have just signed a player called Derek Roy. Why is this devastating? Well, I just spent $200 on a Canucks jersey and asked for Zack Kassian’s name to be on it. If I’d just waited a week I could have had my own name on the back of it, aaarghh!!! Hey ho!

On our quest to find PG Tips tea bags we heard that there is a British shop in Vancouver that not only has PG Tips but HEINZ BEANS!! We have been craving these since we got here. They have Heinz beans here but they say ‘Deep browned’ on the front, and apparently they are really sweet and squishy. Sound delicious don’t they?

Mmm...'deep browned' thanks!!

Mmm…’deep browned’…no thanks!!

So off we went on the bus for half an hour down past Kitsilano and we arrived at this little shop called the Celtic Treasure Chest. It is amazing! The lady who owns the shop, seeing our delight at all the British food and drink asked us how long we’ve lived in Vancouver. ‘Two weeks’ was our response and she burst out laughing. Honestly, you’d think we’d been here for years, the way we’ve been banging on about getting proper tea bags and cheese.

Anyway, we had to restrain ourselves from buying out the whole shop as not only was it extremely expensive, but we had to get the bus back. We spent $54 on 4 cans of beans, two packs of Hula Hoops, a bar of Cadbury’s Caramel, a pack of buttons, two scotch pies (although because you can’t import meat into the country they were made here) a bottle of Radox bubble bath (really), a small bottle of Ribena, two packs of cheese sauce mix, and two cans of Irn Bru. But it was so worth it, it’s made us feel so much better. I’ve already gone through one can of Irn Bru and I’m considering cracking open the other one now, even though they cost $2.49 each. This shop will be so good for when we are missing home, although we’ll have to restrict it to when we have a bit of extra cash! Poor Nick wanted to buy an England flag but it was $19!!! Considering my Scotland flag was £2.99 back home that’s a bit of a rip!!

This is what $54 buys you in Vancouver

This is what $54 buys you in Vancouver

This is about £6!! For 4 cans of beans!

This is about £6!! For 4 cans of beans!

After that we stopped off on the way back at Wanderlust, a travel shop in Kitsilano that has an amazing supply of travel books, maps, travel accessories etc. I’d read a review that said they were ‘stared at’ by two men behind the counter as soon as they walked in. They were not wrong! There were two men behind the counter who just stared at us in silence, no smiles, and spoke in such a soft voice that I still don’t know what they said and if it was us they were speaking to. The situation wasn’t helped at all by the weird chilled out trance music that was being played in the shop at the time. Anyway, we got what we were looking for, which is a world map that we have hung up in the living room. Just what we need to help with our homesickness!!!

It's creased to hell and needs a frame, but it'll look great!

It’s creased to hell and needs a frame, but it’ll look great!

P.S. check out the size of this muffin. When taking this picture I had to prop it up with two candle holders to stop it toppling over, it’s that big.

You'd think they'd get bigger muffin cases?

You’d think they’d get bigger muffin cases?