As we haven’t done anything ‘touristy’ for a while we decided to go to the aquarium, in the hope that it would cheer both of us up for a bit! The aquarium is in Stanley Park, which is a 10 minute bus ride from our apartment. As I’ve mentioned before, I would love to work in the aquarium and have been trying so hard to get a job there, so I was very excited about this trip.

We paid $25 each to get in, which surprisingly included tax (you have to add the tax on to everything here before you pay for it) and headed inside. It was amazing! There were fish (obviously), sharks, dolphins, turtles, snakes, otters, and to our surprise there were some birds too and A SLOTH!!! Sadly he was up in the trees sleeping (quelle surprise), so I didn’t get to hug one as I had dreamed. I would have stayed longer looking at the sloth had it not been for the butterflies that were in this section. I really hate butterflies, they absolutely terrify me, and the moment I saw one I high-tailed it out of there, much to Nick’s amusement.

Thug life

Thug life

We watched a dolphin show which was brilliant. My efforts to get a decent picture though, not so brilliant! They were so cute.

They were too quick!

We dolphin-ately had a good time

Then we saw the aquarium’s main attraction (for us), the sea otters! There were two sea otters there, one called Tanu, and the other was a baby sea otter recently rescued by the aquarium after she was found stranded in Alaska. You may have seen the famous ‘hand holding otters’ video, this was filmed at the Vancouver Aquarium, the two otters in the video died though 🙁

Anyway, they were so cute!!! We couldn’t see much of the tank unfortunately but I did manage to get this picture of Tanu when she was washing her face!

Tanu washing her face!

Tanu washing her face!

We also went to a 4D show in the aquarium. Normally I hate these things as I’m a big jessie, but Nick wanted to go! It was a film about the salmon run, and to our delight it was narrated by David Attenborough. His voice is so comforting, and it reminded me of home! The film was pretty cool, even if I did have a child/demon kicking the back of my chair throughout the whole thing!

I loved the aquarium, but I was gutted to find there were no Seals or Sea lions there! I’ve always loved them, and really wanted to see them. Hopefully in the summer we will see them in the wild though, which will be amazing!

The next day we went to a walk in medical centre, as Nick still wasn’t feeling well. You have to pay for doctors here, and after three months in the country we will be eligible for a ‘BC Care Card’, which allows us to visit a Doctor. We’ll still have to pay a monthly fee for it though. In the meantime, we have to pay an extortionate amount of money to see a Doctor. Nick had to pay $150 just to be seen, tests would cost extra we were told, and the prescription would cost too. But he has been ill for so long now that we needed to see someone. The doctor asked ‘You have quite a long uvula, it that normally what it looks like?’ which I found hilarious, who looks inside their mouth every day? Our suspicions of a throat infection were confirmed and he was given a prescription for antibiotics and a numbing mouthwash which cost $51. I know we moan about the NHS in the UK, but we really do have it good. $201 for a 5 minute appointment just to be told what we already knew!

I forgot to mention that we saw the famous steam clock in Gastown the other day, I’ve been waiting to see this for ages! On the hour, it chimes like big ben and blows out steam, check it out!


In other news we made another trip to Costco and bought 30 toilet rolls, 2.4kg of mince and 24 bars of Dairy Milk, money well spent!