Yesterday we were up early as we both had job related things to do. Nick went in to sign the contract for his new job (woohoo!) and I went in to sign up for a temp agency. I thought it would be a case of popping in with my ‘resume’ and finding out if there were any jobs available. I was wrong! I was in there for over an hour and was grilled by three different people. They seem lovely though, and hopefully they can find me some work.

We then came back and got changed and headed back into town to spend the afternoon drinking before going to see our first Hockey game! We went to The Library Square Public House which just so happens to be near our new apartment, so I think we’ve found our new local! In fact it’s so close to the new apartment that we could see the apartment block from where we were sitting! They were showing the England v Montenegro game when we arrived and it turns out that of all the pubs in that chain (there are 17) this is the ‘England’ pub, which means Nick should be able to see all the games! Anyway, we had a fair few drinks and the most amazing burger ever! I swear the food just gets better and better!

Obviously I didn't eat the pickle

Obviously I didn’t eat the pickle

The bar was filling up quite quickly at this point with people coming to watch the game on TV so we made our way to Rogers Arena with the other 18,000 or so fans which was so exciting! Nick and I had our matching Zack Kassian jerseys on, and we were in the minority – I only counted another 2 Kassian fans among us! He is quite a new addition to the Canucks though. He wasn’t even playing either due to a back injury but we’ll be going again!

Rogers Arena is pretty impressive, it holds around 18,000 people, and is decorated with Canucks memorabilia everywhere. The view from our seats was pretty good – we were worried initially that we wouldn’t be able to see anything. When the Canucks came out on the ice with their intro music playing it was so exciting! After months of watching it on TV it was a pretty big moment for us!


They then sang the American and Canadian national anthems, both of which we don’t know so we stood in awkward silence. One thing that surprised us was the fact that even though 95% of the audience was there to support the Canucks, they still sang the American national anthem. Another display of how awesome Canadians are!

The game itself was pretty uneventful, no goals at all and it went into overtime and then it went to a shootout with Max Lapierre scoring the only goal of the entire game.


We were worried that there would be no atmosphere at the game, as we mentioned in a previous post but it was brilliant! There was music everytime play stopped, constant competitions around the arena, and the team mascot, Fin made his way around beating a drum and giving out free ice cream to the kids. Nick tried to get some ice cream off of him but he shook his head at him, haha! We found Fin really funny, but when you see him straight on, he is terrifying!!!

Imagine waking up with that staring at you!

Imagine waking up with that staring at you!

At one point when there was music playing, the camera was going around the audience and they were shown on the big screen up at the top. The camera focused on one kid who was dancing. He was dancing to Sandstorm by Darude (WTF?) and had this serious look on his face whilst doing so, which obviously had us in stitches. Nick managed to capture the moment on camera, look at the screen above the ice and wait for it…


The entertainment was really good, and it was a really good night out. Now that we will be living practically on top of Rogers Arena we will definitely be going to more games! We took a weird route on the way home (my stupid idea to try and get away from the crowds), and when we were boarding the train we weirdly bumped into Mike, who we met last weekend. To think we only know a couple of people here and we bumped into one of them on a train that we would never normally be on, and we were standing at the exact door that he was coming out of…bizarre!!! Maybe he was following us….only joking Mike! 🙂