Having had such a productive day on Wednesday we thought we’d take it fairly easy on Thursday, unfortunately ‘taking it easy’ meant walking for bloody miles! I’m not a huge fan of walking, but we did see some very cool stuff. We headed into downtown and looked for an internet cafe so we could scan some documents we needed to send to our soon-to-be landlord. We found somewhere on Robson Street near Stanley Park and unfortunately we had to spend about 20 minutes in there. The place was horrible. It was run by a couple of guys who barely spoke English; they made no effort to help us and when we eventually paid for something they threw our change across the counter at us. They were dicks. Plus the place absolutely stank, it was horrible. When we were sat at one of the computers sorting our documents out and printing some things we noticed a load of bookmarks in Firefox for various porn sites. Why would someone go to an internet cafe to watch that?

We were very happy when we finally left the place and as we were so close to Stanley Park we thought we’d take a stroll and start exploring. We headed towards Second Beach, which is on the West side of Stanley Park, before heading into the park via one of the many trails. Naturally Natalie had packed the horse mask so we made the most of our surroundings and got some photos!

Posing on a log!

Posing on a log!



We spent quite a lot of time walking through the park and eventually headed out around the back of the Lost Lagoon and headed back towards the city. It was really quite strange when we were in the park; we felt so far away from the city even though we were so close, if that makes sense. It was very cool and we barely even touched the surface of what the park has to offer, so we’re excited about spending more time exploring the park and maybe cycling around the Seawall. When we came out of the park we stumbled across the ‘Welcome to Vancouver’ sign, so we had to stop and get some photos!



After posing in front of the Vancouver sign we headed towards Coal Harbour, which was the best decision we’d made all day. The sun was shining and the views of the mountains in North Vancouver were unbelievable! There were some amazing boats in the harbour to look at, and we enjoyed watching and listening to the float planes taking off and landing. We walked around the harbour and eventually ended up near Canada Place, where we stopped and had some ridiculously expensive drinks in a ‘pub’ called the Lions Pub. It was supposed to be an ‘English style’ pub, but it wasn’t, it was shite and it was expensive ($16.80 for a can of shit cider and a pint of lager). Here are some photos we took around the harbour and Canada Place.








We left the pub and headed towards Boston Pizza on West Broadway as we’d seen a Facebook post from the Canucks saying that fans that watched the game there had a chance of winning some jerseys and other prizes. We arrived and found a seat, got some drinks, and filled out our Canucks bingo card. I drank quite a bit and ended up feeling quite drunk and not really paying attention to the game. Some guys on the table over from us won the bingo and got a free jersey (worth about $120 or so!). The people running from the event went around doing some Canucks trivia at tables and giving out some prizes for right answers, even though they were basically just telling people the answers so they could win. We were sat away from the main crowd of people next to the table that had won the free jersey; the people running it came around and asked them a question and gave them a free t-shirt, completely ignoring us, even though they had already won a jersey. In my drunken state I was outraged! But obviously I kept it to myself (at least I think I did!).


The bloke on the left has his free Canucks jersey on. This is before they were gifted another freebie of the night. Bloody favouritism!

The game ended with a 2-1 win to the Canucks against the Phoenix Coyotes, which was a great result as the Canucks had 6 forwards out injured! We paid up and left and then ended up waiting for ages in the cold to get a bus home. We finally got back and headed straight to bed. All in all a very good day!