Yesterday we had our first lie in since we arrived – I think the jet lag has finally buggered off! As it was a nice day we decided to go to Granville Island which is a little peninsula near Downtown which has loads of quirky shops, bars, a brewery and a massive public market. We got the aquabus over there which is a cute little boat (if you don’t like boats you will hate this!) and set off to explore. On the way there I had a phone call offering me a job in Crabtree & Evelyn which I was initially chuffed about, but surprised as the interview lasted around 5 minutes. It was for Senior Sales Advisor and I didn’t know what the job would entail or what the salary was, plus the woman wanted me to start on Monday, less than a week after we arrived here! The wage was $10 an hour, which equates to roughly £6.30, which isn’t going to be enough so I turned it down and said I’d need more than that. Risky I know, but it’s not enough money, plus I need another week at least to find my feet here.

So after that drama, we arrived on Granville Island and wandered around the shops for a bit. We found this amazing little music shop that sells loads of weird and wonderful instruments. I had my eye on a harp chair (yes, a chair that is a harp), but couldn’t get near it as there was this hippie type guy sitting on the floor playing some sort of accordion whilst chanting and singing made up words. To make matters worse there was a woman in yoga gear sitting in the harp chair entertaining him by making weird singing noises. The shop owner didn’t care one bit about the fact this douchebag was blocking off over 40% of his shop and it was all a bit weird so we left and went for something to eat.

We went to a restaurant/bar called the Keg and had the most amazing burger ever and a couple of drinks. The hockey was on TV (it is everywhere!) and we would have stayed for the whole game had it not been for our server. One thing we have loved about Vancouver so far is how genuinely nice everyone is, they seem to want to help each other out and are just real, no falseness. This lady was so unbelievably fake that it was exhausting talking to her. She kept calling us ‘Team’, for example ‘You both finished your burgers, go team!!’ ‘Alright team!’ and called Nick ‘Boss’, and asked at one point “How are your liquid levels, team?” to which Nick wanted to say “great, I’ve just been to the loo”, but didn’t obviously. I get that they work hard for their tips but it was just too much and it made us leave. One thing we have noticed is that most bars have a lot of female servers, and they are dressed like they are going out clubbing, full face of make up and boobs out on show. A bit off putting when I’m stuffing my face full of chips, but it’s obviously to cater for the men so they get more tips.

Our receipt. Yes the price is correct!

Our receipt. Yes the price is correct!

Anyway, we left there and went to the Granville Island Brewery which was really cool. They make all their own beers and do a tasting selection at $6 for 3 mini glasses. There were 8 different beers to choose from so we chose 6 of them. I’m not the biggest fan of beer but one of them, the honey lager, was lovely! Unfortunately Nick liked that one too so we had to share it!

Nick was in his element!

Nick was in his element!

After we left there we went for another drink (for research) at a place hilariously called ‘Cats Social House’, which had me thinking of a social club for cats. We were disappointed to find there were no cats inside but overjoyed to find that a pint of beer was $4, hooray!!! That’s the cheapest we have found so far and we will definitely go back.

As we were nearby, we decided to make our way over to Kitsilano, which is a suburb of Vancouver, and was the place we originally wanted to live. After a short walk we were confronted with this view and we were speechless!

photo 4(2)

View from Kitsilano over Downtown and the mountains!

It was so peaceful there and the views were incredible, there’s loads of independent shops, and the people just seemed nice and chilled out.  A couple of minutes walk from there we found the perfect houses and tree lined streets that made us want to live there in the first place. The streets are lined with cherry blossom trees and the houses are all totally unique.

photo 5(1)

Amazing, huh?

We then started to panic a little that we had picked the wrong place to live, but Downtown will be good for our first taste of the city, as we will be right in the centre of it. If we stay for another year we will definitely move to Kitsilano though!

After that we headed into town to meet up with a lovely couple that we met through our forum and we went to a bar in Gastown called Guilt & Co. which was awesome! It is really dark inside and they have live music every night and jenga at the tables. That’s right, JENGA! I was extremely chuffed to hear they were playing some Mushroom Jazz when we arrived, and when they started playing reggae I knew I’d found my new favourite drinking spot. We had a really lovely night with them, and it was nice to speak to some new people! I had a bit of an altercation with a girl when I knocked her drink out of her hand (it was both our fault), I gave her $10 for another drink (more than enough!) and she snatched it out of my hand and threw it on the table, to which I yelled ‘You’re welcome!!!’

When we left there we all bumped into the most hilarious guy who was drunk and looking for his friend and we stood talking to him for a while before exchanging numbers and heading home. I can’t remember any of his stories but they were hilarious. All in all a good day!