We keep banging on about how certain things are making our move to Vancouver finally feel like a reality. It started when we received our letter of introduction (the document which allows us to be granted our visa) back in May/June last year, then came booking our flights, and even starting this blog and our Experience Canada forums to a degree. Well, today certainly tops all of those, as it’s finally 1st February which means, yes, we’re moving to Vancouver next month.

Both Natalie and I are slowly but surely getting things sorted out ready for the move. The main thing for me has been selling my car, which is being picked up tomorrow afternoon. I’m a bit gutted to be selling it but it’s not much use to me here in the UK whilst we’re away, and the money raised from the sale is a massive help for my ‘Canada fund’. Natalie and I made sure we had a bit of a laugh in the car before it was sold, mostly thanks to our favourite purchase of recent times, the horse mask!



We’ve both been completely bitten by the hockey bug. We’ve watched all but one of the Canucks’ opening 7 games and we’ve loved every minute of it. I watched Chelsea’s 2-2 draw against Reading earlier in the week and it actually took a few minutes to adjust to how much more slow paced the game is compared to hockey. I’ve always been very defensive of professional football players as well, as those who don’t necessarily follow the sport always criticise them for being pansies and rolling around on the floor when someone so much as looks in their direction. Well, having watched hockey more recently I’m going to have to agree with them now. Hockey is fucking mental! That’s the only way I can describe it. Check out some of these hits from last season; in most cases the players get straight back up to their feet, yeah OK, so they’re wearing padding but they’re also skating around on ice at 30mph!


Zack Kassian, the Canucks’ number 9, has quickly become my favourite player and I will definitely be getting a Canucks jersey with his name and number when we arrive. We’ve bought tickets to see the Canucks play the Blue Jackets at Rogers’ Arena on 26th March, so we’re both massively excited about that as well.

We’ve still got lots to sort out but we’re getting there. This is a bit of a nothing update again I’m afraid but I can assure you the posts will get more interesting again very soon! But for now, all I have to say is “goodbye Clio, it’s been emotional”.

Renaultsport Clio 182