Today marks exactly one month until we leave. In fact as I write this it is exactly one month until we will be sitting on the plane wondering what on earth we’ve done. I jest of course. It feels very real now though. We have so much to sort out, but typically we are putting it off! We both finish work next Friday, so I assume we’ll get our fingers out then! I said to someone the other day, you wouldn’t think we are leaving the country in a month, if you look at the state of our flat.

We’ve got a massive list of stuff to do, mostly practical things, and I haven’t even started to think about what to take with me yet!

  • Tell gas, electric and internet providers we are leaving
  • Tell HMRC we are leaving by filling out the P85 Leaving the UK form
  • Tell student loans company that we are leaving
  • Buy our travel insurance
  • Make sure we have enough money to actually get in the country
  • Sell stuff on eBay – we have started this already
  • Throw stuff away & give things to charity
  • Decide what to take. HOW DO I DO THIS!!?
  • Pack
  • Move out of the flat 🙁
  • Move into Nick’s mums house for a few days
  • Get tae France (excuse the Scottish joke)


We went to the Chelsea game last weekend which was so much fun. The chants and random things people were shouting out were hilarious.  I thought it might be a bit like that at the Hockey but apparently not. We have started to notice when watching the Hockey on TV, that the fans seem so quiet, all you can hear is the scraping of the players skates on the ice, the puck getting hit off of the sticks, and the occasional ‘OOOEYYYY’ ‘HUAAAAGH’ ‘MEUUUUGAAH’ from the players. We were reading the Marmite to Maple blog last night where she mentioned the same thing, and said it’s nothing like watching sport in the uk, it’s very reserved and ‘frowned upon’ to chant, cheer or stand up! We shall see when we go to the game at the end of next month!

IEC 2013 finally opened last week, which meant our forum went nuts with new people joining (we now have over 100 members) and asking questions. I’m glad we set it up, and glad it had time to get established a bit before IEC 2013 opened. We’ve had over 2,200 unique visitors since we started the forum, and a thread on there called ‘IEC 2013’ has been viewed over 3000 times in under a week. Pretty good!

I emailed the Vancouver Aquarium, begging them for a job basically, and they got back to me with a pretty positive email – so will keep in contact with them and hopefully I can get a job there! At the moment however, they are only looking for a Motion Graphics Designer and an Assistant Marketing Manager – both of these are a little out of my league!

Here is a random picture of the laughing statues in English Bay in Vancouver. Creepy, but funny.

Vancuover Laughing Statues