As I write this, it’s only 39 days to go until we move. 39 days! It’s unbelievable how quickly the days are flying past us. We’ve been on a bit of an emotional roller coaster recently with regards to Canada, one minute excited, the next one scared/nervous/emotional. At the moment we’re feeling a little nonplussed about it. This confuses us really as we thought at this point we’d be at the excited stage! One word that can sum up how we are feeling at the moment is ‘Limbo’. We’re feeling very much stuck in limbo, between our nice life here and the amazing life we know is almost upon us.


I can only put it down to the sheer scale of what we are doing and the things that will be changing. We are changing not only our home, but our jobs, lifestyle, and even our friends. Little things like not having home comforts or familiar stores around (I can’t believe I’ve already started saying ‘stores’ and not ‘shops’) are making me a bit anxious about the whole thing. And it’s not as if we are unhappy with our lives at the moment, quite the contrary!

You are probably reading this thinking ‘get a grip!’ but it is a big deal for anyone. On the bright side I only have 14 days left of work left, Nick has 16, and so I’m sure when we are finished work we will feel a little different!


Our time is really getting taken up now with trying to make sure we get to see everyone before we go. I had my first ‘goodbye’ last week with my friend Marta, which was pretty sad for me, but I know from experience that the best way to say goodbye (for me anyway) is just to go and not drag it out. I had a lovely day with her in London and was bowled over by the amazingly thoughtful presents she gave me!

We also booked flights for a trip up to Scotland at the beginning of March which I am really looking forward to. It’ll obviously be a sad one as I’ll be saying goodbye to my family and friends. But I’ll try to be strong! I’ll also be making sure I purchase a Scottish flag to hang up in our new home! I actually can’t believe I don’t have one already – the subject of my Scottishness comes up at least once a day!


As Nick mentioned in his last post, we are really into Hockey now, and make sure we watch every game. Nick is also taking me to my first football match on Saturday, Chelsea v Wigan. I’m not going to lie; I’m pretty excited about it! I’m not that into football but I have started to root for Chelsea whenever they are playing. I can’t believe I just said that!! In a couple of weeks we are going to see Australian Pink Floyd at The O2 which we are massively excited about. We are both huge Pink Floyd fans, so it’s a pretty big deal for us! Yes, they are a tribute act, but they are apparently the best Pink Floyd tribute act in the world!

We’ve also got our leaving night for our friends about a week before we go, a get together with Nick’s family and a trip up to London to say goodbye to one of my brothers, Mark. And somewhere in there we have to squeeze in throwing away the majority of our possessions and moving out of our amazing flat. I think it’s safe to say the next few weeks are going to be emotional!