Now it’s only 60 days to go until the big move, we are starting to think about those important things, rather than the fun things like snowboarding and eating Poutine off of a bears back. I’m talking jobs and future plans, people.

I’m still going between wanting to get a ‘fun’ job where I have no responsibility or using my experience to get a better paid and more ‘serious’ job. To be honest I’ll be happy to take whatever (within reason!). I’ve finally got round to creating my CV on, which should hopefully help, plus I’ll keep a lookout for jobs on LinkedIn. There’s also a lot of recruitment agencies in Vancouver, which will be a good back up. Where I really would love to work is the Vancouver Aquarium- I love animals, especially all ‘creatures of the sea’, and would just love to work there. Unfortunately to do the job I want to do (look after them all day), I need a Biology degree. I don’t think my HND in Acting will suffice. I’m going to try to get a job in the gift shop or front desk though, or maybe as a tour guide, who knows. I’ll be checking the website every day  and will go in and harass them when we arrive in Vancouver until they give me a job. Just look at this view from the aquarium, and this little guy:

View from Vancouver Aquarium


The forum we set up is slowly gaining more users. We are in contact with, which is a brilliant website designed to help everyone who is moving to Canada. They’ve asked us to write guest pieces for their website, and have been promoting our forum on their website, Facebook and Twitter pages. The IEC visa programme for 2013 has been delayed opening this year, as there are a lot of changes coming in.

Basically the changes mean that the application for a working holiday visa is now completed online (a change for the better in my opinion), the application is processed in Canada, and by law all applications have to be processed by them within 8 weeks. From what I can gather, the changes mean that stage one is an online process where it’s determined if you are eligible to apply, and you find out instantly. Then stage two is filling the forms out online and getting them sent straight to Canada. This should cut out a lot of the faffing around that there was before. It seems like the applications will be open from 1st February, which is way later than usual. But if the new system speeds things up then so be it!

There has been big rumours that the length of visas would change from 1 year to 2 years, as this is what’s happened with the Irish applicants (they have a different process). There doesn’t seem to be any mention of it on the official CIC website though. Maybe next year!

Well that was all a bit boring, here’s a picture of a seal laughing to balance it out a bit.

Seal Laughing