The long overdue 2012-2013 NHL season got underway on Saturday after the NHL and NHLPA finally put in place a new Collective Bargaining Agreement (basically, where all the money goes!). The season had been due to start back in October, but as both sides couldn’t reach an agreement the season couldn’t start. With a new CBA in place the a shortened 48 game season could finally begin. Both Natalie and I were quite excited about watching our first Canucks game, even if it was only on the TV! I managed to find a private torrent community called The Sports Torrent Network. This means we can download NHL games in HD, and watch them back on the TV, rather than relying on crap internet streams, which is how I watch most Chelsea games these days.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to get hold of either of the first two Canucks games as soon as we had hoped, so we ended up watching the Philadelphia Flyers getting beaten by the Pittsburgh Penguins. Even though it wasn’t a Canucks game we both really enjoyed it! Eventually we got hold of both of the Canucks opening games, which were great fun to watch but both ended in defeat for the Canucks. The first game ended 7-3 to the Anaheim Ducks and the second was a 3-2 shootout defeat against the Edmonton Oilers.

We particularly enjoyed Zack Kassian’s fight with Ben Eager.


Ben Eager came out worse from this one!

Ben Eager v Zack Kassian

We’ll definitely be watching the upcoming game on Wednesday against the Calgary Flames and I’m more excited than ever about going to see our first game at Rogers Arena when we land in Vancouver. If the Canucks make the playoffs when we’re there then we can only hope they win the Stanley Cup, otherwise there could be a repeat of the 2011 Vancouver riots!!!