Well we are now into the New Year, and finally it’s the year in which we move to Canada! We’ve had a busy festive period, ended nicely with me having the Norovirus for about a week which pretty much ruined my New Years Eve! We went to Reggae Roast in London and how I managed to stay there from 9pm-5am whilst vomiting every 30 minutes I’ll never know! We also had a surprise birthday party for our friend Tom, which I missed (thanks Norovirus).  We had 4 Christmas dinners (not all on the same day!), and we spent Christmas with our families, Nick at his mum’s house and me in Scotland! Who knows what we’ll be doing next Christmas! I fancy doing something like snowboarding followed by a massive lunch and a walk on the beach. In reality we’ll probably be crying all day long because we’re so far from home. I’m joking!!

Crying baby

The moving date is getting ridiculously close now, we were both quite scared about it last week, I think the enormity of it really hit us hard. We’ve seen quite a lot a friends and family over Christmas and New Year, and it’s really brought it home to us what/who we are going to miss. We know we’ll come back to the UK though.

Now that we’ve booked our flight and first two weeks accommodation, we need to sort out our travel insurance and start selling our stuff! Nick has just sold one of his cameras, quite sad as he’s had it for a while, but he has another one and it’s netted him quite a few useful pennies. He’s also got other camera equipment and his car to sell.  It will be a sad day when that goes!

Clio 182

I’ve just discovered a Tiffany necklace that I got as a present years ago which I really don’t like (it’s a silver coffee bean, wtf!) I think it’s worth a few bob so I will try to sell that! Other than that I’ve got various bits and bobs that should get me at least £100 on eBay. And I always have all my wings and name badges from all the airlines I’ve worked for, but I really really don’t want to sell them!

We’ve also just heard that the NHL lockout is almost over so that means we’ll get to see the Canucks play when we get there! I’m so excited about seeing a proper Ice Hockey game. My brother, Mark, took me to a game in Aberdeen years ago, I don’t remember much but I remember there being a lot of fights, haha. I’ve a feeling we are going to get massively into Ice Hockey whilst we are over there. One of the first things we’re going to do is buy a Canucks jersey, I’m getting excited just thinking about it!