December is finally here! Only 22 days until Xmas, and 105 days until Vancouver! Xmas is my favourite time of year, always has been, and I’m determined to enjoy every second as it’ll be a bit different next year! We put our Xmas tree up at the weekend, a real one may I add. We had to buy new decorations, which is probably a silly idea seeing as we’re leaving the country in 3 ½ months but oh well!

Our Christmas tree.

This time of year has some people thinking about what they are grateful for and I’ve started thinking in a similar way too. I’ve started thinking about what things I’ll miss when we are in Vancouver.

Family and friends

Obviously the first one on the list. I’m used to being away from home now, having moved around quite a lot, but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss anyone. I’m not sure if being in Vancouver will feel the same or different. I know I’ll miss my Mum and my brothers a lot. Plus I’ve got a niece who isn’t even 1 yet, so missing out on a year of her life is pretty upsetting. But there’s always Skype, which is going to be a lifesaver. Plus some visits have been promised, so it’s not all bad!

Amy, my best friend in Edinburgh – I will miss her so much, I’ve been living away from Edinburgh for almost 2 years now but I still miss her loads. She’s such a good friend, and even though we don’t speak every day, I know she’s always there for me. I’ll be seeing her at Xmas though and just before I leave. Since moving down to Tunbridge Wells to live with Nick, I’ve made really good friends with some of his friends. They’ve been so welcoming to me and I’m really going to miss them. But we’re hoping they will visit us too and we can show them around Vancouver!

Nick, me, Sarah and Tom.


I’m sure you can get tea in Vancouver. But it won’t be the same. I was devastated enough when I moved from Scotland to England and discovered I couldn’t get my Scottish Blend tea! I have around 4 cups a day so if I can’t get it I’ll be cranky!

You can never have enough tea. Yes, I know caffeine is spelt wrong on this!


Apparently the clothes shops aren’t the best over in Vancouver. But I’ve heard that a Topshop has just opened, so that will do!

Banks and phone companies

A weird one, but I still can’t get my head around the banking system in Canada. Seems like you have to pay for everything! Same goes for phone companies, you pay for incoming as well as outgoing calls, as well as paying for caller ID! Still, I can’t wait to have a Canadian phone number!


I LOVE chocolate, I can’t hide it. I would eat it all day if I could. I hope I can get Dairy Milk in Canada, and if there are no Minstrels  I  will be kicking off big time!

Scottish food

Yes I know the reputation for Scottish cuisine isn’t the best. I’ve lost count of the amount of times someone has said upon finding out I am Scottish “Oh, do you all eat deep fried Mars Bars?” For the record, I have never even seen one!  Anyway, I will miss my Square Sausages, Tattie Scones, Haggis and Irn Bru. I believe there’s a Scottish shop though that sells Square Sausage and Irn Bru though so all is not lost.

My stuff

We won’t be taking much with us to Canada, just a suitcase of clothes at the very least. So I’ll miss having my bits and bobs around me like my guitar and stuff. It sounds a bit silly, but I know how I felt when I moved to London on my own, with nothing but 2 bags of clothes. I’ve had a think about what I’ll be taking with me, and as long as I have some clothes, some photos, and Nick with me, what else do I really need?