Something else was ticked off the ‘to do’ list this morning when we finally had confirmation that we had somewhere to live for our first two weeks in Vancouver. Looking for a place to stay for when we first arrive has probably been one of the most time consuming parts of this move, mainly because there were so many options for us. Do we book a hostel? A hotel? Something else? Do we book for a whole month to give us time to find a job and an apartment, or do we just book for a couple of weeks to save money? Do we mind sharing with someone else or do we want our own place? Do we want to be in the thick of it in Downtown or shall we live further out in the ‘burbs (sorry, suburbs)?

We quickly decided upon using a relatively new online service called Airbnb (well, new to me at least, turns out they were founded in 2008). From their Wikipedia page, Airbnb “matches people seeking vacation rentals and other short-term accommodations with hosts who have an unused space to rent, generally private parties that are not professional hoteliers”. What I really like about Airbnb is that there seems to be an abundance of incredible apartments to rent for seemingly very little money. For example, we initially were looking at renting a whole apartment for the first month and the prices were great! Far less than we would have paid for a month in a hotel or a hostel.

Lots of choices! For anyone visiting us I will definitely be recommending using Airbnb.

After messaging around 10 different people we quickly learned that it was going to be a little more difficult to find a whole apartment for as long as 4 weeks than we first thought. We didn’t fancy the idea of renting out a room in an apartment and sharing with someone else for that long, which seemed to be the only other alternative. We also found out that pretty much all longer term rentals start on either the 1st or 15th of the month. With us arriving on the 19th March this means that if we stay somewhere for 2 weeks we’ll be in a good position to find a long term rental ready for the 1st April.

Ultimately our decision was based on cost. We’ll only be in this place for a couple of weeks so really it doesn’t matter too much what it’s like or who we’re staying with. Fortunately we managed to find somewhere which was a good price, and although it’s a private room in a shared property, it seems more like hotel or sorts in that we’ll have a private entrance, an en-suite bathroom, and even our own kitchenette facilities (microwave, utensils, kettle, fridge, etc.). It’s a little further out from the centre of the city than we were hoping, in the neighbourhood of Renfrew–Collingwood, but like I say it’s only for 2 weeks and the public transport links look good, meaning it should only take around 20-25 minutes to get to downtown. The bed looks unbelievably comfy as well, which is a plus!

The location of where we’ll be staying.

It looks nice enough!

Toaster, check! Kettle, check! Fridge, check! Pointless chair in the corner that we won’t use, check!

So there we go! Our first two weeks accommodation is sorted. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on Craigslist for apartments before we go, and I imagine we’ll be arranging plenty of viewings when we arrive. Fingers crossed we find somewhere nice!