We are now into November and I can’t believe how fast the months are flying by. Before we know it, it’ll be March! Work is getting more and more stressful for me but I have to keep reminding myself that I will be on that plane in 4 and a half months and can forget all about it.

The forum is getting more and more users every day, which is great! We’ve already had some really useful information posted by people. Most of the new users are from Vancouver so the info is especially useful to us. One member posted about the banking situation there, we thought it was going to be a nightmare to get a good account. The usual thing in Canada is that you pay a monthly fee and you are limited to the amount of transactions you can make per month. However, we’ve now found out (thanks to the forum member) that there is a bank in Vancouver (Coast Capital Savings) that has no fees and you aren’t limited! Woohoo!! I’m so glad, as I really couldn’t get my head around why the banks there were still doing banking like that. Hopefully the rest of the banks will follow their lead.

I’ve been putting my PR head on and thinking of ways that we can promote the forum. I’ve set up a twitter account @IEC_CanadaUK and have followed EVERYTHING to do with Canada, travelling and all the major cities. I contacted a few asking to retweet the link to the forum.  This also meant I got into trouble from Mr. Twitter for tweeting the same thing over and over, sorry! But a couple did retweet it, which meant it was potentially seen by 28,000 people! I also have been putting pictures of Canada on Instagram, tagging them with Canadian related words and emailing loads of tourism websites. This has meant we have a steady flow of people joining up every day.

We’ve been having a little debate about our luggage allowance when we fly with Air Transat. We get 23kg each for hold luggage and 5kg for hand luggage. Nick thinks the hold luggage allowance will be plenty but I’m not so sure! 23kg really isn’t a lot, and once I have some clothes (not taking everything), make up, shoes etc etc it’s really going to be a lot. I’m not saying I need industrial sized make up to cover my face but you know what I mean. Nick also announced this morning that he wants to take our bedsheets with us to Canada (he’s serious, and they are comfy) so I’m sure they will take up most if not all of the allowance! I’m also pretty sure he will want to take his pillows with him. I’m going to pay for an extra bag anyway, it’s about £65, but it saves sweating at the check in desk when they weigh it.  You can also pay about £49 at check in for an extra 9 kilos on your first bag but I think that’s a bit of a rip.

How we are going to get round the 5kg hand luggage thing I’m not too sure though! Nick will have all his camera gear (huge camera, multiple lenses, and other stuff) and a laptop, and I will have a laptop and an iPad – the laptop & charger probably weighs 5kg on its own! We’re just going to have to wing it! I’ve already been planning in my head how I’m going to fill 10 hours on the flight. I think it’ll be a combination of screaming with excitement, sleeping, drinking and watching Louis Theroux/Billy Connolly documentaries.