The IEC application process is a relatively straightforward one, after you’ve done it! At the time it felt like we had hundreds of questions and we weren’t really sure who to speak to about it. Much of the information we needed we were able to find via Facebook groups, although finding these groups was a bit of a fluke, I believe it was via a post on the British Expat forums that led me there.

The other source of useful information was websites set up specifically to guide you through the process. In fact, the official site for the IEC programme provided some of the best information for us at the time. For those of you thinking of applying I would definitely recommend for information about the process.

One thing which we felt was missing was a dedicated forum for people who are thinking of moving or already living in Canada on the IEC programme. Having looked around we found one particular site set up for people in Australia moving to Canada; we thought to ourselves “Why not set one up for the UK?”. So we did. The forums were only launched a week or so ago and the number of members and discussions about various topics is slowly rising. We hope that once the IEC programme opens for 2013 it will really take off.

Check it out