As I write this post, we’ve just passed the ‘4 months to go’ mark, 115 days to be precise. Yay! It’s also our 1 year anniversary in a few days –  double yay! For some reason, as soon as I saw the countdown pass the 120 days mark, it started to feel a hell of a lot closer!

Saving is going well, even with Xmas coming up, we both have been able to put away quite a bit, but we’ve spent most of the money in our heads already! There’s so much we want to do when we get there, obviously we can’t do it all. This is a few of the things we want to do, a few are on our bucket lists:

  • Go to a gun range – (we are doing this the day after we get there!)
  • Go to San Francisco for our birthdays
  • Go to Las Vegas
  • Go to Seattle
  • Go hiking to Lake Garibaldi
  • Learn how to snowboard – (doing a 3 day course on the first weekend on Mount Seymour)
  • Go to Sasquatch Festival in Washington in May
  • Go to the World Ski & Snowboard Festival in Whistler in April
  • Go to Shambhala Festival in Nelson, BC – (looks very close on the map until you realise due to the sheer scale of Canada, it’s a mere 9 hour drive!!)
  • Hire a boat
  • Hire a car and drive around random places
  • That’s all I can remember

We’ve also spent a ridiculous amount of time talking about what Snowboard gear we’re going to get, and planning our colour combinations of our jacket, pants, boots and goggles. Never mind the fact that we can’t even snowboard yet! I expect I’ll be rubbish at snowboarding but will look utterly fabulous.

Being a Scot, I do love anything to do with Billy Connolly, and recently introduced Nick to some of his DVDs which he loved, as he is now attuned to the Scottish accent (most of the time). We recently watched ‘Journey to the Edge of the World’ which was a series following him whilst he traveled 10,000 miles across the Northwest Passage, that up until recently, was impossible to cross. He started the journey in Nova Scotia and ended up on Vancouver Island, which obviously interested us the most but he didn’t spend long there. It was a really interesting programme as he got to meet all sorts of unique people on the way, as well as visiting a ghost town called Telegraph Creek (abandoned after the gold rush) near Vancouver which I really want to go to!