Bucket lists and Billy Connolly

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As I write this post, we’ve just passed the ‘4 months to go’ mark, 115 days to be precise. Yay! It’s also our 1 year anniversary in a few days –  double yay! For some reason, as soon as I saw the countdown pass the 120 days mark, it started to feel a hell of a lot closer! Saving is going well, even with Xmas coming up, we both have been able to put away quite a bit, but we’ve spent most of the money in our heads already! There’s...

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Better safe than sorry… travel insurance!

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Update 19/02/2013 – Now that we’ve come to actually going ahead and purchasing our travel insurance I have realised that the quotes we received for ACE were only for one person, making HolidaySafe the much cheaper alternative! One of the requirements for entering Canada under the IEC programme is that you have valid travel insurance for the duration of your stay. Whilst we’ve read many stories and comments from people saying that...

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November thoughts

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We are now into November and I can’t believe how fast the months are flying by. Before we know it, it’ll be March! Work is getting more and more stressful for me but I have to keep reminding myself that I will be on that plane in 4 and a half months and can forget all about it. The forum is getting more and more users every day, which is great! We’ve already had some really useful information posted by people. Most of the new users are...

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Experience Canada UK forums

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The IEC application process is a relatively straightforward one, after you’ve done it! At the time it felt like we had hundreds of questions and we weren’t really sure who to speak to about it. Much of the information we needed we were able to find via Facebook groups, although finding these groups was a bit of a fluke, I believe it was via a post on the British Expat forums that led me there. The other source of useful information...

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