We are Nick and Natalie, an English guy and a Scottish girl, and we met in October 2011. We have decided to take a huge leap and move from the UK to Canada!

We both wanted to shake our lives up and experience a completely different country, and hopefully have some stories to tell the grand-kids one day! Don’t get us wrong, we love where we live now, but we know there’s a big world out there 🙂

We are both pretty impulsive people (Geminis) who are pretty immovable once our minds are made up. The ‘lets move to Canada’ conversation went something like this:

Nick: “Would you like to move abroad somewhere?”
Natalie: “Yeah, definitely!”
Nick: “How about Canada?”
Natalie: “Ok”

And it was decided! We set about researching everything about Canada, what city we would live in and how we could move there. We quickly decided on Vancouver, for no real reason other than it looks AWESOME! We discovered that we could get a one-year working holiday visa through the IEC (International Experience Canada), but more on that loooooonnng process another time!

We have booked our flight with Air Transat, through Canadian Affair. The flight was a very respectable price of £309 one-way (so weird booking a one-way flight!) We also paid a bit extra to get two seats on their own. No offence to anyone, but a 10 hour flight next to some random could be a disaster! We could have paid extra to get a bit more room or free booze, but we are pretty easy to please people, and we wanted more money to enjoy Vancouver!

So at this moment in time we are five months away from moving (eek!) and are researching, reading and talking about Canada constantly! Seriously it’s ALL we can think about. We have occasional bouts of “What if we’re doing the wrong thing” or “What if we don’t like it”, but think it’s better to live a life of “Oh well” rather than “What if?”