#1 – See Aurora Borealis

Even though I grew up in the north of Scotland, I’ve never seen the northern lights, so it’s been on my bucket list for some time. I’ve always been fascinated by it, the colours are amazing and the whole thing looks, well, magical (how cheesy!) Anyway, it looks cool and what better place to see it than Canada? We’ve found that the best place to see them near Vancouver is in Yellowknife, where not only do you get to see the Aurora (from a TEEPEE!!), but you can go dog sledding and snowshoeing! http://www.auroravillage.com/index.html. You have to get a flight there and it’s pretty pricey, but if I only do one thing in Vancouver, this will be it!


#2 – Learn to snowboard/ski

I’ve been to a dry ski slope when I was about 9, and I’m a dab hand at sledging, but as far as my ‘snow activities’ go, that’s about it. I think I’ll pick up skiing pretty quickly, but snowboarding looks SO much harder, but also SO much fun!


#3 – Go to a gun range

I’ve always wanted to shoot a real gun so I can feel like a G. I want to shoot the target like a boss and then utter some badass quip.  We’ve discovered that the gun range in Vancouver is pretty cheap, and what’s more, at Halloween they dress the targets up as Zombies, yay!


#4 – Go to Stanley Park

I can’t believe the size of Stanley Park, it’s HUGE! I’ve seen Central Park, and thought that was the biggest one I’d ever see. I was wrong. I’ve since found out that Stanley Park is bigger (1001 acres of joy)! AND it’s got half a million trees, totem poles, an aquarium, and so much more! It also has a statue of Robert Burns apparently, so I will have to pay it a visit and get all patriotic about Scotland.


#5 – Eat pancakes and real Canadian maple syrup (in Canada)

I put the ‘in Canada’ bit as you can actually buy Canadian maple syrup in the UK, but it’s not the same as having it in its proper home! It’s the same as when I see a can of Irn Bru in England. It never tastes as good as when I drink it in Scotland.


I can’t limit it to 5 so here are a couple more:

#6 – Go to Seattle

Yeah, it’s not in Vancouver, or Canada for that matter. But we will be SO close to it (around a 2 hour drive) that it’d be silly not to! I just want to sit in a coffee shop and pretend I’m Frasier Crane. Nick can be Niles.


#7 – See a bear

No explanation necessary.